Aquarium hall

The Aquarium Halls are located outside of the Aquarium exterior. These hallways are a blue-greyish color that have separated parts. Aquarium Halls are outside of the Aquarium exterior. Aquarium Orb is found here.

The Walls and floors of the Aquarium Halls are dusty-blue. Different sizes of rocks are on the ground and sometimes they block the path. Many kinds of aquariums can be seen, for examples: empty ones, ones with full of little fishes or jellyfishes. Big doorways lead to other parts of Aquarium halls. After going through separated halls, a normal doorway appears. This one takes you to the aquarium orb.

Waterglass guy is guarding one of the doors. Killing him doesn't make him disappear; instead, attacking him causes his glass to crack and water will leak from his body. Like the Stone Guardian, he stays dead for the rest of the game.


The music here is BGM029.

  • V.0.020
  • V.0.030