Chie (ちえ) is the main character of LCD_DEM.


Chie's in-game sprite.


The normal appearance of Chie wears a orange shirt with a circle, red sleeves, and a red skirt with blue shoes. She has short, brown hair with a light orange hairpin at the front. Like Madotsuki, her eyes are always closed. From her appearance, she could be anywhere from her preteens to late teenage years. She's believed to be younger than most of the other dreamers, younger than perhaps even Madotsuki.


It is presumed she is a hikikomori. However, her situation is much different: She can't physically leave her room, as the two doors at the back of her room are shelves, and stay that way for much of the game. Her room is rather small, and Japanese-styled, with traditional tatami mats on the floor and a mat for her bed. Most of her personality has to be inferred, as there is no dialogue for her and she's never seen interacting with real people.


It's implied that Chie either has forgotten or does not want to remember specific memories of events that have happened in her life. All of the orbs are usually hidden at a large, panoramic area, different from the rest of the game. The orbs may represent the memories that she's forgotten/buried away. Once she remembers all of the memories (collects all of the orbs), she wakes up to find that the cabinet shelf has turned into a doorway, perhaps indicating she's finally ready to see what's beyond.


  • Chie was going to be a playable character in Dream vs Dream fangame.
  • Many Yume Nikki fangames used to reference Chie in their game reference rooms. But because the creator of LcdDem announced that they wanted fans to forget and do not talk about their game in April 2013, some of the creators of these fangames had to hide the items that referenced her in their games.