Mining complex

A dark, space resembling area, which is accessible via sewers. The entrance to this area is small, so you will need the dog effect to get here. The Goldfish Bowl effect is found here.

The Mining Complex has a dark background with light dots, resembling space. The Red-brown pillars have many gaps, so you need the dog effect or sneakers to jump over them.

The Mining Complex has six layers. Player can move one layer to another by ladders. Five of them has doors: The highest one takes to sewers, one of them is dead end and three of them takes you to deeper location of Mining Complex. The deepest location has a number of layers, and one of the doors takes you further. When you go deeper, the area gets dark, so the moon effect is recommended to get light. Finally, in the the deepest part of Mining Complex, player finds a goldfish bowl effect.


The music here is BGM034

  • V.0.020
    Mining Complex's Cave
  • V.0.030
    Mining Complex's Cave