NEJI title screen.

NEJI is a minigame, which you can play in v.0.030 or LcdDem2, when you interact with black video game console.

Player is an astronaut, who has to destroy meteors before they hit on the ground and pick screwes to get points.

Here's a gameplay video.

Soundtracks are Game1, Game2 and game3.


  • Controls: Press LEFT or RIGHT key to move; Press DECISION key to shoot; Press UP key to head up for shoot upward.
  • Shoot at a falling meteor will turns it into a screw, get it to earn 10 points.
  • In a certain period, a giant meteor flows from side of screen horizontally. Shoot at it will turn into a screw which could earn 400 points.
  • The game will end when a small meteor hits on the ground or the astronaut touches it; when screws drop on the ground, they disappear but will not cause the game over.


  • Your weapon leaves 1 shot only on screen but flows very fast. When you near to a falling meteor, leave a distance to prevent touching then shoot. Sometimes when next one is close to head, run beneath then heads up to shoot for definite aim. When next one is too far from you, you have to concentrate to shoot it and abandon the screw for longer live.
  • The giant meteor appears according to a hidden counter which adds a random number of 0 to 3, until it reaches to 30, so it could expect it will be appeared approx. every 20 seconds.
  • In title screen, enter "left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down" will hear a boom sound and start Fami-Master (ファミ師匠) mode. In the gameplay, small meteors flow significantly slower and a giant asteroid always appears without waiting (yet shooting speed is same as normal). This mode will NOT update your high score shown on title screen.


  • NEJI resembles Yume Nikki's NASU , as well as the command to enter the secret mode.
  • NEJI made its first appearence on LcdDem2.
  • If the player gets 5000 points in LcdDem2, a plushie of the main character will appear on the desk.
  • You can only play NEJI in LcdDem2. There's no dreaming, exploring or anything else.