Orbs & Effects

Orbs (Big balls) and Effects (Little balls), from a random dream world bed event

A feature unique to LcdDem. To progress the game, Chie must collect glowing white orbs placed at various locations (usually with a single-color panoramic background).

From Debug Room (available in ver 0.020 or before) and program, orbs are described as "colors(色)".

The orb system had not been invented in earlier versions, so the way to trigger the ending was to collect all the effects, like many Yume Nikki fangames did.


There are 12 "normal" orbs scattered across the dream world (Clockwise order):
Final Orb

13th Orb.

  1. Machine
  2. Eyeball tree
  3. Jellyfish
  4. Clockwork
  5. Fetus
  6. Forest
  7. Blue sky
  8. Red sky
  9. Blue planet
  10. Medamaude
  11. Starry sky
  12. Aquarium

You could only view which orbs you have collected by a dream world bed event in 1/6 chance when Chie sleeps.

The final orb is found in the nexus after you have collected all 12 normal orbs. When the final orb is collected, the final portal in Monochrome Beach will open, that takes you to the Dream House. Also leads to the Ending after Chie wake up. NOTE: Collecting the final orb renders you unable to save your game. Be sure to save before collecting this orb.