Silver ruins 1

Silver ruins

A silver-colored version of the green ruins. The wall patterns are different as well. Red sky Orb can be found here.


  • This area cannot be accessed unless you have the sneakers effect (or the dog effect), which allows you to jump across holes on the ground in the previous area.
  • Chie can buy a soda from the vending machine. (costs 140 yen.)
  • Silver Gardens flowers has 3 types, which appear during a hidden variable of 0 to 255 picks in every sleeping, when it reaches 107, 141 and 190 (58.2%, 44.9%, 25.8% probability).
  • When Chie sleeps more times, rocks starts appear on the ground; all 6 types of rocks will be appaered after 11th to 27th sleeping.


The music that plays here are BGM043 (normal) and BGM044 (Silver Lounge & Silver Garden).

  • V. 0.020
  • V. 0.030
  • Silver Lounge & Silver Garden
    Bgm044 - silver lounge


Other areas of interestEdit

  • Silver Lounge
  • Silver Garden