LcdDem Location Map

LcdDem location map (click to see full-view.)

LcdDem has a large variety of areas to explore, all of which are different in their size and theme. There are a total of eight different starting areas, which are all accessible via the Nexus. Many other areas can be discovered in deeper areas of the Dream World found by searching the areas found within the doors in the Nexus.

The following page contains a short summary of every area.

Note: the names given to these areas are not official.

Real WorldEdit

Chie's RoomEdit

Chie's room (0.030)

Chie's room.

A small, oriental styled room where the player starts and ends the game. This area acts a hub for the game, in which the player can go to sleep and enter the Dream World, save the game by using the small blue diary located in front of the television, enter outside onto the room's balcony area, or play the console-based game NEJI.

Starting AreasEdit

Chie's RoomEdit

The room in the dream has no game console and sketchbook. Open the door to enter to the Nexus. The bed in the Dream World could lead to 2 types of random event: When Chie go to sleep in her dream world bed, it will have a 1/6 chance make the screen fade to gray, to view the orbs and effects you currently collected; if Chie gets the Axe effect, it will have an extra 1/6 chance make the screen fade to red, triggers the nightmare event.


The Nexus works as a hub of the dream world. There is a door to Chie's room and eight other doors leading to the main dream worlds.

Atlantis WorldEdit

An underwater world with fishes swimming over the screen. The area is also filled with corals, pillars, empty houses and rocks.

Rainbow Tiles WorldEdit

A colorful world with colorful, voice-making tiles. The Sneakers Effect is found here.

Hexagon WorldEdit

A dark world filled with hexagon-shaped buildings and bricks. The Helmet Effect is found here.

Sandy Swamp WorldEdit

A world with a dark-orange background, orange tiles and pale-green structures.

Stained Glass WorldEdit

A dark area filled with bright structures that resemble stained glass windows. The Sea Slug Effect and Eyeball Tree Orb can be found here.

Pink Block WorldEdit

An area with big pink blocks in a field of green grass. The Spacesuit Effect is found here.

Purple Eye World/Holes WorldEdit

An area with a greyish background and multiple-eyed monsters. There is also a sub-area connected to the Tile Maze. The Axe Effect is found here.

Clover Garden WorldEdit

A wide garden with clovers, rocks and flowers. The Pajamas Effect is found here.

Deeper LocationsEdit

Locations are in alphabetical order. Orb-rooms are not included.

Aquarium ExteriorEdit

A separted part of the Rice Field. The exterior is accessible via the Teleport Maze.

Aquarium HallsEdit

A Greyish hall with multiple little aquariums. The Aquarium Orb is found here.

Box MazeEdit

A pale-green maze that has access to many locations. In older versions, the box maze was located in one single building in  Sandy Swamp World, but in 0.030 it got seperated in two different buildings. The Jellyfish Orb is found here.


A huge clocktower with a large staircase on the inside. The Clocktower is found in Steampunk Town. The Clockwork orb is found here.

Cloudy WalkwayEdit

A world with gray clouds and a long bridge. The Blue Planet Orb is found here.

Dark HighwayEdit

A long, dark highway, as the name suggests, where the Flower Rave Event and Dog Effect are both found separately.

Dream HouseEdit

A little house reached by collecting all orbs and going through the Monochrome Beach's central portal. 

Eye BuildingEdit

An area that can be accessed by going through one of the Pink Block World's buildings. Interacting with the moving green square takes Chie to the Tile Maze.

Glitter Matrix WorldEdit

An area with a starry sky background and a big blue web. The Medamaude Orb and the Strawberry Effect are found here.

Gray WalkwayEdit

A murky area that connects Rainbow Tiles World and the Overgrown Factory together.

Green RuinsEdit

A green area with vines on the wall and rocks on the ground. The Blue Sky Orb is found here.

Japanese ApartmentEdit

Three-story building where Chie can change her menu style. The Starry Sky Orb is found here.

Lily GardenEdit

An area where the Forest Orb is found. It is a huge lake with lilies, and Chie must move around through narrow paths.

Mining ComplexEdit

The Mining Complex is accessible via the Sewers. The Goldfish Bowl Effect is found here.

Monochrome Beach / White DesertEdit

One of the largest worlds. Monochrome Beach connects to eight different worlds together.

Night WoodsEdit

This forest is reached by the sub-area of Clover Garden World. The Library Boy Event occurs here.

Overgrown FactoryEdit

A factory where the Parka Effect is found. The factory is abandoned and overgrown with green plants.


The park can be reached by going to the north from the Rice Field. The Machine Orb is found here.

Purple SeaEdit

A huge sea with small islands.The area resembles Yume Nikki's Pink Sea. The colour of the Purple Sea was changed to aqua in 0.030.

Purple TowerEdit

A long, dark tower. Like the Purple Sea, Purple Tower's colour was changed in 0.030. The Yukata Effect is found here.

Rice FieldEdit

A huge rice field accessed from Hexagon World. The Potted Plant Effect is found here.


A dark green area that can be reached from Atlantis World. The Moon Effect is located here.

Silver RuinsEdit

An area greatly resembling the Green Ruins, but with a silver color and different patterns. The Red Sky Orb is found here.

Steampunk TownEdit

An old town with brick buildings and Flos Vitae.This area connects to the Japanese Apartment and Clocktower.

Teleport MazeEdit

A huge maze with little squares used to teleport. The Aquarium Exterior is accessable via a one-way teleport.

Tile MazeEdit

One of the largest areas. This connects areas leading to different orbs. Resembles Yume Nikki's Hell.

Tower ComplexEdit

A light-blue tower which can be accessed via Tile Maze. Chie has to climb up to reach the Lily Garden.